ART IN MAY - Exhibition 23 May - 6 June 2015

29th April 2015

Two week exhibition with four other artists organised by Shaftesbury artist & designer Kate Toms

This popular annual exhibition is at the top of the wonderful Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Kate has been running Art in May for 14 years. 

I shall have about 10 pieces on the walls, all of which are new this year.




New landscape painting

15th July 2014

Working on this acrylic started today & think it's looking good already. Now to hold back and think carefully with every brushstroke! I think I have it under control...

Online shop

19th June 2014

I've just opened an online shop where you can purchase my prints & greetings cards. I'm gradually adding items to the shelves & plan to put some of my original works there in time.

Here's the link to the shop for those of you who want to watch progress & hopefully you'll find items of interest. I'd love to have feed back too

Submitting pieces of work

23rd March 2014

Relieved to have submitted my latest work to The Society of Women Artists for consideration online today. It's my 5th year I think & this is one of the 6 pastel pieces I hope they might select for their next exhibition. Fingers crossed - never can tell!

Portraits of Locals

13th January 2014

Last November, I gave myself a project - a portrait sketch a day of a local person. It took more time to organise than anticipated but was very rewarding and fantastic practice for me. 26 portraits were from my photo shoots and 4 were from life. I think generally people were more comfortable with having their photos taken than sitting still for an hour or so. I'm so grateful to all of them.

Most of the people involved haven't seen the results but a small exhibition is planned in a month or so once the sketches have been fine tuned and approved.